Market makers. Flow traders. Position managers.

We live and breathe these markets. We have for years. At Avonko, the lead trader brings over 20,000 hours of market making expertise to the table. Outside, we are professional market makers, dominating the largest derivatives markets in the world. We deal in institutional volumes, trading with and against the most successful funds and speculators in the industry. Not only does this provide a constant challenge to grow and adapt, but it offers an unrivaled opportunity for learning and exploration. This unique vantage point allows us to truly identify the best-performing strategies for the current market environment, whatever that may be.

In trading as in life, adversity is the path to wisdom. In our time, we have been fortunate enough to actively manage through some of the most challenging market events in history. The Subprime Crisis of 2008. The Flash Crash of 2010. The European Debt Crisis. The US Debt Downgrade of 2011. QE and the ensuing bull market. The August 2015 Flash Crash. Brexit. The US Election Reversal. You get the point. We’ve been tested in rigorous ways, and we’re astute enough to make a profit in all aforementioned situations, even when our competitors fold.


Let’s explore how we can boost your performance…


Every day, you get trade opportunities direct from the world’s top funds. Follow them into consistent returns.


With Avonko Real-Time Risk Alerts, not only are you warned the moment the pros close their trades, but we take it one step further with our proprietary risk signals.


Our trade alerts are clear, concise and easy to implement or modify.


Implement our trade alerts exactly as they come, or modify them to suit your specific circumstances.


Your trade alerts are based on current market activity and are always actionable right now. 


Engage us directly with questions or feedback – our members are always intelligent and we love to talk strategy with you.